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24 Feb 2017

Did you miss an important customer call because you were busy meeting other clients? This is certainly not good news, as you may have lost a money-spinning and productive business opportunity that could have turned your world around. You need to be able to answer all the work related queries on time, so that you do not lose out on corporate development, expansion and growth. You need someone to answer your calls pleasantly and efficiently till you can take over and speak to the client personally.

The average cost of running business homes is not less, and can be very draining on the pocket. The first impression is the last impression and it is the most important factor that influences success. Customer care is the direct means of trade growth, and the each client needs to be personally attended to so that your trade and businesses can grow leaps and bounds.

In your absence, it is imperative that you get a live answering service to handle all your telephonic conversations. When a potential client approaches you for business they expect professionalism and courteous behaviour. An automated voice mail service can be acutely frustrating and irritating for the client and may actually force the customer to hang up the phone. A damaged image, a “runaway” client, and a missed lucrative business opportunity, is all what the business organisation is left with!

A live answering service can help you deal with customer satisfaction by handling all the calls with tact, efficiency and proper knowledge. Small budding entrepreneurs work on a tight string budget and have minimal funds to employ administrative staff. The live answering services provide operators and assist the business by dealing with each customer in a customised manner.

Superior and expert customer service is the commitment provided by the answering services and their operators are almost like an extension of the personal assistant-cum- receptionist or the in-house team. The solutions regarding logistics, sales, trade, service and business development are not tough for these trained answering services and their main endeavour is to brand your name in the market professionally. These trained operators have the expertise to accommodate any call volume, and are capable of handling innumerable calls at the same time.

The live agents, receptionists or operators of the answering services offer around-the-clock services and are available every minute of the 24 hours of a day. They answer the phone within a few rings because timing and rapid response is what matters the most to a prospective customer. A live-voice representative orates in a friendly manner, and deals with the clients in a personalised manner. They communicate pleasantly with clients at all times, because your business is imperative for you. The live agents are always under the scanner and the constant quality control checks make sure that the phone answering service provides flawless conversation for the upcoming business organisation.

This service includes handling out appointments, meetings, managing work schedules, delivery management and dealing with dispatches at the earliest. The live answering service schedules its operators to deal with the competitive nature of the market and also provides the extra edge- customisation according to client demands.


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