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27 Feb 2017

A casual slang or an informal answer on an important business call can leave a very bad impression on the prospective client. The new business venture that is striving for commercial deals can end up with a poor brand name and a bad reputation. You need to have someone answering your super important trade and industry related questions with a professionally trained voice.

Your phone lines need total control and the incoming calls need to be answered pronto. You can avail a call answering service that is customised to cater to needs of small businesses. The virtual receptionist is the ideal answer to taking note of outgoing and incoming messages. You can train and customise the virtual receptionist to understand the business dealings of your company, so they are qualified and trained enough to deal with the client queries.

Answering phone calls and having a positive telephonic communication is a serious business investment. For this taking the call pleasantly, appropriately and sensibly is imperative. A real receptionist does not lose money if she has behaved rudely to a customer on a call. Her miserable and nasty dealing with the customer may have been because of a troubling personal issue, but it’s the organisation that suffers here. The owner may end up with an irreparable reputation and incur huge financial losses. Business bloom because of client interaction and may have to do without a lucrative business client, because of a badly attended and unsatisfactory phone call.

Very rarely is the interaction between clients and staff members looked into, and there is no guarantee that the communication has been on a satisfactory platform. Trained personnel and live receptionists sometimes falter and make business blunders on the telecommunication platform. Automated menus and a virtual receptionist can give the precise information needed by the client and that too in a positive and calm manner.

In the growing phase, every business has to struggle to save money and having an answering service is the ideal option. This will offer a client an automated menu and they can refer their questions to the department they desire. The menu can be customised according to choice of the organisation and the services can be regularly updated to serve the customer better.

In this way the department heads and the people who are running the show in the company can focus their total attention on making their organisation grow leaps and bounds. You are not going to waste precious time answering telephone calls, because the virtual receptionist will filter the important calls and divert the unimportant calls to the information mailbox.

The organisation is working constantly and effectively with their set of remote teams and may not have the time to deal with irrelevant and non-profit matters. They need a stand in to deal with the business related queries. The virtual receptionist has the knack of understanding the difference and the mailboxes can deal with the frequently asked questions.

The business organisation may also have branches in different areas and the virtual receptionist can connect every team member on one company number to work as a unit. The members of the organisation can also receive all the client messages directly. The voicemail can be connected to the email and the messages can be obtained in a format that is convenient to read and understand. The messages can be scanned and appropriately responded to later.


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